Gracious Winners

by Joseph Franks

For many of us the election is over and the outcome is not as bad as it could have been. For many others, this is the dawn of a horrible era. How should we who won respond to those who lost?

The question is not, “How would they have responded to me had they won?” 

The question is not, “How do they deserve to be treated?” 

The question is not, “What is the natural and normal response of individuals in circumstances like this?”

Instead, a good question is, “How would I like to be treated had my preferred candidate and beloved platform lost?” 

Or an even better question is, “How can I display Christ-like undeserved love and tenderness towards my defeated neighbors?”

Friends, as conservatively political Christians, let us not gloat. Let us not use harsh language towards our political opponents. Why pour salt into their wounds? There is no reason for us to give them a dose of their own medicine. Christian conservatives, let’s be gracious winners. We won the election, now let’s win them.